RecordedMulti-witnesses10 min+RadarYEARDESCRIPTIONS OF SELECTED MATERIALS IN THE FOLLOWING SECTION ON FLYING OBJECTSAnti-GravityCloak-ingHyper-sonicUnder-water
XXX1948In 1948 over Fukuoka, Japan, an F-61 was unable to close on a UFO tracked visually and by radar.XX
X1950A classic authenticated UFO photo caused a sensation when published in Life magazine in 1950.X
XXX1952US military jets and bombers engage high-performance UFOs in 1952 over Port Huron and the Gulf of Mexico.XX
XXX1952Scrambled jets could not intercept glowing aerial objects over Washing- ton, DC in 1952.XXX
XXXX1976Two F-4 fighters lost control of their weapons and navigation as they pursued UFOs over Tehran in 1976.XXX
XXXX1980The Rendlesham Forest incident in 1980 provides another well- documented military encounter with UFOs.XX
XXX1983Mass UFO sightings include the Hudson Valley Wave that occurred between 1981-1984. Reports were collected from pilots, scientists, and police.XXX
XXX1990Over 150 witnesses reported unusual craft over Belgium in early 1990. This include 'aircraft-sized object turned upside down.'XX
XXXX1997Even with mass sightings like the 'Phoenix Lights, it’s fair to ask, 'Why hasn’t a UFO landed in Yankee Stadium?'XX
XXXX2004Many believe the USS Nimitz encounters in 2004 prove the existence of UFOs.XXXX
XXXX2015Homeland Security tracked a UFO off Puerto Rico in 2015 going in and out of the ocean without slowing down.XXXX
XXXX2014'Wow, what was that?' Navy pilots reported near collisions in 2014 between F/A-18s and UFOs on the East Coast.XXX
X2016A UFO traveling at 3,600 mph was inadvertently recorded by a HD drone camera in Beaver, Utah in October, 2016.XX
2017Over the last 20 years, dozens of commercial pilots have reported encountered with UFOs demonstrating speed and performance 'orders of magnitude' beyond current known military craft.XX