Steven Greer has pioneered protocols for intentional contact with extraterrestrials. He calls them “Close encounters of the fifth kind” (CE-5).

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Tom Curren. (2020).

Greer explains that he coined the term “CE-5” following two experiences with beings who shared with him the importance of teaching people how to telepathically communicate with Extraterrestrials.

The CE-5 experience is characterized as “bilateral contact experiences through conscious, voluntary, and proactive human-initiated cooperative communication with extraterrestrial intelligence.”

The following material is extracted from the CE 5 Handbook (2018).

The name “CE-5” has spread around the world. Many diverse groups now make contact either inspired by CE-5 or in their own way. While no one knows exactly how many individuals or groups regularly participate around the world, it’s estimated to be well over a thousand… and growing.

Close Encounter Experiences

1. A sighting of an extraterrestrial spacecraft within 500 feet
2. A landing trace or an electromagnetic trace—some sort of physical trace that is left by one of these objects
3. The sighting of one of the humanoids or life forms, usually in association with a spacecraft, but not always
4. Someone is actually taken on board a craft
5. Proactive human-initiated contact

Also see the video 10 remarkable UFO videos provided by participants of Steven Greer’s CE-5 Field Trips.

This link provides more details on the CE-5 protocols.

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