What is non-human intelligence? What do they want? They are not simply ETs

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Sean Esjbörn-Hargens (2020).

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One needs to be far outside the current scientific and cultural paradigm to even entertain these questions with any level of interest.  They are currently of interest to two groups, primarily.

  • Those who have become convinced of the reality of numerous “unknown flying objects” that appear to be under intelligent control.
  • Those who have familiarity with the extensive and invasive “contact experience” with types of non-human phenomena that is currently unknown to conventional science. 

To address the natural skepticism around this topic, we have presented material on this site design to provoke examination of these two areas (FLYING OBJECTS and DIRECT EXPERIENCE, respectively).

We also seek to address the “true believers” who are convinced that “ETs” are piloting these unknown aircraft. After all, if it is convincingly “real” — and all the conventional explanations have been exhausted, including secret advanced craft by the U.S., Russian or China – then “What else can it be”?

Well, it turns out, it could be many things, or a mix of things.

To begin the journey toward “What else could it be?” we must consider whether we are willing to cross an important bridge, if only as a thought experiment.  The issue centers on the ways that we know something is “real.”  Can there be phenomenon that manifest in the material world but that seem to originate in some other dimension?  Something unseen. A place we might term “the subtle realm.”  We suggest that you watch our video clip by the Harvard Psychiatrist John Mack as a way of considering the possibilities in this area.

In this document we present a somewhat condensed and simplified overview of what we know about documented encounters with non-human intelligence in the context of UFOs and abductions. Our companion article, NHI In Depth, presents an expanded set of hypotheses and cover additional aspects.  We caution that the term “in-depth,” is relative only to our simplified overview.  This area has seemingly endless scope, complexity and paradox. An annotated bibliography is included in the “in depth” material for those who want to delve further into these mysteries.


Who are “they”?

Observed NIH is likely some mix of extraterrestrials, extradimensional and perhaps time traveling humans — all with a psychosocial and cultural overlay. 

  • Extraterrestrial: NHIs are physical or artificial beings from other planets or star systems who have some form of interstellar travel that can manipulate time-space to cover vast distances. This includes the human-alien hybrids that have consistently been reported by abductees. This was the preferred explanation within UFOlogy from the 1940s through the 1960s and still remains the most popular view public consciousness.
  • Extradimensional: NHIs are physical or energetic beings living in other dimensions or parallel worlds that are able to enter into our world through their own technology, their powers of consciousness, or through natural portals that open up between our worlds.
  • Time Traveling Humans: NHIs are actually humans from the future. Though they might not look exactly like us due to future evolutionary dynamics, genetic modification, and/or the destruction of our environment.
  • Psychosocial Manifestations: NHIs are the result of psychosocial dynamics such as archetypal manifestations, and collective psi phenomena or mass hysteria. This approach is most often associated with Carl Jung’s writings. This view also tends to emphasize the cultural frames used to interpret NHIs in different time periods (e.g., European fairy encounters as aliens of yesteryear or Medieval angels and demons).
What do “they” want?

There is considerable evidence that NIHs want to “help” humanity, although there are many variations and unknowns.

  • “They” are Helpers. They want to support environmental protection. They want to prevent nuclear war. They want to catalyze human transformation and expand consciousness. They want to help humans become a galactic civilization. They want to help humans resist and overcome the negative NHIs. They are creating hybrids to build a bridge between humans and other galactic races.
  • “They” are Manipulators. They want our DNA to augment their own genetic stock. They want to produce hybrids to take over Earth. They want to produce fear as a source of energetic food . They have controlled human society for a very long time and want to continue. They have and continue to use humans for slave labor.

Who are "they"? Likely a mix.

"THEY" WANT TO HELP HUMANITYThis is the most common interpretation among the general public.This is the most common interpretation among the new age community.This interpretation is becoming more popular but has always had advocates."They" are the result of complex social-cultural dynamics of consciousness.
"THEY" WANT TO MANIPULATE HUMANITYThis is the narrative associated with the abductions by Grays.This is the position that Jacques Vallée advocates.This interpretation is not very common in the literature and doesn't make much sense."They" are the result of complex social-cultural dynamics of consciousness.


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