Seven claims of extraordinary healings between 1948 – 1968

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Gordon Creighton. (1969). Healing from UFOs. Flying Saucer Review.

Although these matters have not yet been shouted from the rooftops, there are a considerable number of people who realize that the sheer volume of the strange and peculiar things now happening in our world—things very well vouched for, if ordinary human testimony is still held to have any value—seems to be growing rapidly. Some of these happenings present features that mankind might have been tempted to call miraculous had this unprogressive term still been in fashion among us.

Throughout all known history there seem to have been tales of healing faculties; of a few individuals who “knew how to line up with the healing powers of the Universe and plug in”. But we have no record of any time when there was claimed to be such an outpouring of this power which can bring about instantaneous or well-nigh instantaneous healing of one human being by another.

And parallel with this “human healing” (indeed maybe closely linked with it, for all we know) there is something new:

While there is growing body of evidence that, although many of the so-called “UFO entities” are as hostile and unpleasant towards us as anything we can imagine, there are others among them which are seemingly entirely benevolent towards men and at times able, and willing, to work “miraculous” cures in us.

As the subject of healing by or through human agencies lies outside the normal scope of, FLYING SAUCER REVIEW, I shall say no more about it here, but shall confine myself to summarizing seven of these cases in which it has been claimed that UFOs or their occupants have been responsible for instantaneous or preternatural healings of wounds or diseases in Earthlings.

Hans Klotzbach (1948, Germany)

On May 25, 1948, a young German named Hans Klotzbach was aboard a coal-train headed towards Luxembourg and hoping to enter that country illegally i.e. without a passport.

During the night, just before the train was scheduled to reach the frontier control-station of Wasserbillig, Klotzbach leapt from his coal-wagon on to the embankment beside the track and sustained terrible injuries to both legs. Quite unable to walk and losing much blood, he fainted.

He alleges that when he recovered consciousness, he found himself inside a flying saucer, in a cabin bathed in an indescribable sort of opal-bluish light. A voice addressed him (in German) and gave a great deal of information about some of the more cataclysmic events that impend for this planet in the near future. This voice said that they had chanced upon his body as he lay dying beside the railway line and had felt compassion for him. He listened to the voice, and then dozed off again.

Four days later, Hans Klotzbach came to, and found himself lying on a mossy bank in a small wood just 6 kilometers inside Luxembourg and about 10 kilometers from where he had made his jump. His trousers were thickly encrusted with dried blood and his shoes were full of dried blood. But his injured legs had been totally healed.

Fred Reagan (1951, U.S.A.)

An account of this alleged occurrence came into the hands of Derek Dempster when he was first Editor (January 1955-July 1956) of FLYING SAUCER R EVIEW. He did not publish it, nor, so far as I can ascertain, did anyone else do so, no doubt because in those days it seemed altogether too preposterous and too fantastic to be true. To be quite honest, I must add that, despite years of trying, I have failed to find anyone who can or will throw any light upon the story for me or authenticate it. It may be untrue. But I do not think that it is. It contains far too many elements which, in this summer of 1969, seem to me to possess the ring of truth but which very understandably may not have seemed to possess it in 1951. If not true, then the story is prophetic in too many respects (and that applies to the story of Hans Klotzbach too).

I want to keep the full extraordinary story of Fred Reagan for another occasion. All that concerns us now is that this man is reported to have been flying a Piper Cub light aircraft in the United States in July 195I when his machine was struck by a pulsating, lozenge-shaped UFO. The wrecked craft and he (with no parachute) were falling, when he began to feel that he was being sucked upwards by some “sticky, clinging force”, and he was drawn into the UFO. Inside that mysterious object he found himself in the presence of small glistening beings, about 3ft. tall, that “looked like huge stalks of metallic asparagus”. He claimed that these beings somehow spoke to him (in English), apologized for the accident, and subsequently deposited him, unconscious but without even a bruise, in a farmer’s meadow beside the wreckage of his aircraft that had fallen several thousand feet, the engine imbedding itself 6ft. into the soil.

Before depositing him, however, the beings gave him a medical examination and, finding that he had what we call ” cancer”, removed it from his system “as a slight reparation for the loss that we have caused you”.

I suggest that, in the light of all we have Heard and learned about UFOs in the 17 years that have seen elapsed, this weird tale of friend Reagan is deserving of the most careful and most objective scrutiny. For it terminates with the following press report, dated from Atlanta, Georgia, May 16, 1952:

“Fred Reagan, who made headlines last year when he had been a visitor aboard a flying saucer, died today in the State Asylum for the Insane. Cause of death was determined to be degeneration of the brain tissue due to extreme atomic radiation. Authorities are unable to offer an explanation.”

No. I do not believe the story of Fred Reagan is entirely fictitious. Exaggerated or embroidered it may well be, in the form in which it has reached me. But we have heard too much since 195I to be able simply to dismiss it out of hand. As Dr. J. Allen Hynek points out, there may be no proof whatsoever of a particular UFO story, but once a report has been made about it, the existence of that report itself constitutes a fact. In this sense the seven reports that I have selected are all faces which we must look at, which we cannot ignore if we claim to be honest in our investigations.

Buck Nelson (1954, .S.A.)

Buck Nelson, a dweller in one of the U.S.A.’s more rural areas, claimed that, at 4 o’clock on the afternoon of July 30, 1954, he was sitting listening to his radio, when a high-pitched noise and what appeared to be foreign speech jammed the programme, while, outside the house, his pony and his dog were behaving excitedly and wildly. Stepping out, he beheld a disc, at least 50 or so feel in diameter, suspended at a height of l00-200ft. above the house. He ran in and got his camera, by which time there were three discs in the sky and, as his published photograph allegedly shows, he managed to secure one picture showing two of them, his other photos remaining mysteriously blank despite the fact that each time there were UFOs in the viewfinder.

Buck Nelson claimed that he subsequently met the occupants, “normal-sized, big-boned, muscular men”, when they landed a number of times on his secluded property, entered his house, and even took him for a flight. What is however of more immediate interest for us in his story is this passage in his account of his first sighting of the discs:

“The most extraordinary and frightening experience during this visit, however, came when I tried to signal with my flashlight to the disc that had come nearest to me. A bright beam of light, much hotter and brighter than the sun, was thrown onto me, jolting me with a current that threw me to the ground.

Because I suffered from lumbago and neuritis, I was afraid to move and get up, and of getting another jolt. I just watched the discs until they disappeared. When I did get up, however, I was amazed to find the pains had gone. They haven’t bothered me since.”

I am perfectly well aware that nowadays virtually nobody wants to put any credence in Buck Nelson’s “contactee story”. I am also well aware that he subsequently wrote a booklet about his experiences and said in it that his visitors were either ‘”Martians” or “Venusians”—I forget precisely which.

“Nevertheless, it is the policy of FLYNG SAUCER REVIEW to look most carefully and objectively at every claim that comes to us, no matter how utterly preposterous it may at first sight appear to be.

I suggest that, in view of all that we have heard and have learnt—if not about UFOs, at least about UFO reports—in the fifteen years since Buck Nelson told his story, you will be well advised to approach it with an open mind and be prepared to study every detail. For, if Buck Nelson invented this affair, then it seems that many of the features of his account are nothing short of prophetic, as are those of Klotzbach and Reagan. Certain of these features have appeared again and again in other UFO reports since 1951. And I am very sure that few of these other witnesses around the world can have ever heard of Buck Nelson, or, for that matter, of Hans Klotzbach and Fred Reagan.

The Dying Cancer Patient (1957, Brazil)

This account came to FSR from no less an authority than that most eminent Brazilian UFO investigator, Dr. Olavo Fontes, M.D., of Rio de Janeiro.

On May 17, 1958, Dr. Fontes’ friend, the journalist Joao Martins—an equally distinguished UFO investigator—received a letter dated from Rio de Janeiro three days before. It purported to be from a certain woman named Anazia Maria (pseudonym: the lady’s name, withheld at her request, is known to FSR). She said that she had recently been working as a maidservant in the household of a wealthy Brazilian family living at Petropolis, in the mountains to the west of Rio de Janeiro, and that they had a daughter who was dying of cancer of the stomach and had been given up by the doctors as a hopeless case.

On the night of October 25, 1957, when the agony of the patient. “Miss Laiz” seemed to have reached its culmination and morphine injections were no longer helping her, “Anazia Maria” claims that a vivid light appeared outside the window of the patient ‘s room, in which seven members of the family and the maidservant were present. The beam of light next moved nearer and came in and lit up the whole room. Rushing to the window, the son of the family saw a small saucer, from an open hatch of which the small beings descended. “They entered the house…. They were 1.20 meters in height, with long yellowish-red hair down to the shoulders, and bright green slanting ‘Chinese’·eyes.”

In silent astonishment the witnesses watched as the two small visitors approached the sick-bed and laid out their instruments upon it. Then one of them placed a hand on the forehead of Sr. “X”, the father of the dying girl, and Sr. “X” forthwith began to communicate to him telepathically all details about the girl and her illness.

The small being s then illuminated the girl’s abdomen with a bluish-white light which lit up the whole of her inside so that the family could see the· cancer in her stomach.

The operation for the removal of the cancer lasted about half an hour.

Before taking their leave, the small beings informed Sr. “X” telepathically that the girl would need medicine for a while, and gave him a “hollow ball”, of the appearance of steel, containing 30 small white pellets, of which she was to take one daily.

“Miss Laiz” was cured, as her own doctor was able to verify in December 1957. No publicity was given to this case, in accordance with the telepathic promise given to the small being s by the girl’s father.

Patrol Deputy Robert Goode (1965, U.S.A.)

During the night of September 3-4, 1965, at the peak of the great North and South American “UFO flap” of that year. Chief Deputy Billy McCoy and Patrol Deputy Robert Goode, of the Sheriff’s Department of Brazoria County in the State of Texas, were driving along Highway 36, south of Damon. Early that evening Goode had suffered a painful bite on his left index finger by a pet alligator. The finger had swelled rapidly, bled copiously, and was still throbbing and troubling him quite badly. Suddenly, at just after midnight, a huge UFO appeared, estimated by them to be at least 200ft. long and 50ft. thick in the Centre. They drove off in panic, but not before the UFO had flashed a brilliant beam of light onto their car. This beam fell on Good’s left arm and hand, which were out of the window, and he felt a pronounced sensation of heat. Shortly afterwards, he discovered that the pain had entirely gone, the swelling and bleeding had ceased, and the wound had started to heal, which it did with a speed that was quite unnatural.

Dr. “X” (1968, France)

As his old friend Aimé Michel has recently reported in a special article for FLYNG SAUCER REVIEW, a French doctor was healed by a UFO between 3.55 and 4.05 a.m. in the early morning of November 2, 1968. There were other bizarre features in this sensational case recorded impeccably by M. Michel in FSR’s third Special Issue UFO PERCIPIENTS which is, I understand, still available.

Under deep hypnosis, Dr. “X” has since yielded information of a psychological and parapsychological nature and related to his experience with the UFO, but this material has not yet been divulged, and it is not hard to understand that it may be extremely difficult to let the full truth be known.

The Case of the Customs Official (1968, Peru)

On December 9, 1968, “rays” from a flying saucer cured a Peruvian Customs official of myopia and rheumatism. The official said that he had watched the saucer from the terrace of his house, and that it had emitted ” violet rays” which irradiated his whole face. Since that date, the myopia that had obliged him to wear thick­ lensed glasses had disappeared, as well as his rheumatism.

Commenting upon this case (so strikingly similar to the case of Dr. “X” in France and not far distant from it in time) Aimé Michel adds that the Peruvian engineer, Señor Ernanno Maniero, APRO’s correspondent in Lima, Peru, has furnished the following very interesting details:

“The incident took place at 3 o’clock in the morning, on December 9, 1968. The UFO, which emitted a light that fluctuated between dark red and violet, was at a distance of 2 or 3 kilometers from the witness.”

There are the cases. They deserve to be placed on record and studied. If we are mindful of who it is that rules our world and controls the affairs of men, we shall not however expect such reports to make any impact in orthodox medical and scientific circles. It would break the hearts of most scientists to have to admit that such things could be true, and it certainly would not suit the book of those who control the scientists- and will control all of us too if we do not try to remain alert and “awake”.

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