The list of events continues to grow. Here are nine new developments in recent months

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Curren & Esbjörn-Hargens, 2020 Multiple citations on page.

The first set is covered in Richard Dolan’s presentation, headlined as “15 Significant UFO-related events.” These are also covered in depth throughout our site.


May, Robert Bigelow declares on CBS’s 60 Minutes, “The aliens are already here.”
October, The Debut of To the Stars Academy
December, The New York Times: AATIP, metamaterials, and Tic Tac UFO with Commander Fravor


May, George Knapp reports on details of Anomalous Aerial Vehicles (AAVs) studied by AATIP
June, Hal Puthoff describes metamaterial properties
December, Jack Sarfatti discusses the physics of the tic tac UFO


January, “The future of technology” described in 38 scientific papers commissioned by AATIP/Bigelow
April, The Navy updates its guidelines for reporting UAPs
May, New York Post: The Pentagon officially acknowledges the AATIP program
May, The New York Times: Navy encounters UFOs for 9 months in the East Coast in 2014-15
May, YouTube posts video, The Nimitz Encounters (featuring Kevin Day)
May, Op Ed Pieces: “UFOs exist, and everyone needs to adjust to that fact.”
May, History Channel airs Unidentified, Inside America’s UFO Investigation

The noteworthy events since June 2019 are covered in the links below

2019 Continued

June, Admiral Wilson 15-page document leak indicates, if verifiable, that the United States government has retrieved a crashed UFO and is actively trying to reverse engineer it. Link

June, US congress receives classified UFO briefings. Link

June, US Navy gets patent for a “hybrid aerospace-underwater craft” claimed to be capable of truly extraordinary feats of speed and maneuverability in air, water, and outer space alike thanks to a revolutionary electromagnetic propulsion system. Link  

June, Details revealed around To the Stars Academy acquisition of metamaterials. Link

October, The U.S Army contracts with To the Stars Academy in a collaboration on researching new technologies, including ‘exotic’ metals, active camouflage, ‘beamed energy propulsion.’  Link

September, US Navy confirms authenticity of the three UFO videos leaked in 2017/18. Link

October, US Navy applies for UFO tech patents for “compact fusion reactor.” Link

December, President signs U.S. Space Force into being. Link


January, U.S. Navy admits they have additional UFO footage and briefing slides that could “cause grave damage” to national security if released. Link

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