As documented throughout this site, there have been at least 15 significant UFO-related events, beginning in 2017

Disclosures by DoD, press coverage, news organizations, and “edge science” are becoming increasingly mainstream.

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Richard Dolan. (2019). The New Face of Disclosure Copenhagen 2019. Transcribed from talk at the Denmark UFO Congress.

I would say something is happening in the field of UFOs. So, what is it that is happening? There’s been a drip of information, and I would argue that if any of us were to go back in time three years ago, three years ago from this moment, we would be shocked to think of all that has come out just in the intervening time.
May 2017: Robert Bigelow declares on CBS’s 60 Minutes, “The aliens are already here.”

Robert Bigelow, multi-millionaire/billionaire whatever he is, he’s very wealthy, very important in all of this. Probably… In my opinion, I’ve never met Bigelow, but he’s always struck me as one of the most knowledgeable people on this subject that I think we’re likely to meet. He’s been deeply interested in this a long time; he actually funded the abduction conference featuring John Mack in the early 1990s back at Harvard University. He’s got a very strong interest in this, so…

He does a show on 60 minutes back in May of 2017, and he’s very upfront about this phenomenon. He says, “They’re already here; the aliens are already here.”

The person interviewing him, I think, was trying to shame him or embarrass him into backing away and he wouldn’t do it. He didn’t care, that’s interesting isn’t it? And on American mainstream news to have someone… I mean, Bigelow isn’t a government official, it’s true but anyone who knows anything realizes Bigelow walks in some very interesting circles. So for him to say that on an American mainstream news show, that is significant.

October 2017: The Debut of To the Stars Academy

Later in the year, of course, you have the announcement October 2017 of To The Stars Academy, makes its debut announcement as it were.  There’s Tom DeLonge in the front there, and some of the recent or maybe current spooks. Who knows? Some of them you have people accusing this of all being a CIA op. The only one of those people that I would say I know personally, in fact that I do know personally is the second from the right Dr. Hal Puthoff. I have known Hal for a long time. The others I don’t know, I know things about them; but, what’s interesting about this is, it’s easy for us to lose perspective. Why is that important? One thing that made that announcement very important is that, the stature of those gentlemen standing behind Tom DeLonge is not insignificant. They were prominent, not the first tier, but let’s say second-tier level government officials with significant security clearances we might say, and the fact that they were willing to go up on a stage and talk about UFOs on a stage as something real that’s not trivial. That’s important, and only two months after that, we get the first real breakthrough in the American mainstream media, and really, we can say the world mainstream media at least in recent times.

December 2017, The New York Times: AATIP, metamaterials, and “Tic Tac” UFO with Commander Fravor

You know, when you look at The New York Times history on this subject, it’s been one snarky debunking piece after another, after another, after another. That’s the history of The New York Times and is also with The Washington Post, which I would say was even worse and more insulting to our intelligence on this subject, but not on December 16, 2017, no.  Two articles on UFOs in one day from The New York Times. If you were following the subject two years ago, most of you were; I think it was pretty shocking, I was surprised. Now, there’s a lot missing from those articles, but there was a lot that was very interesting that was in those articles. One of those authors is someone that I know, that’s Leslie Kean. She had two professional journalists at The New York Times working with her on this piece.

This was the article that announced or revealed a former existence of the organization called AATIP that is the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program that was run in the Pentagon. We were told from 2007 to 2012, and they were kind of muddy and messy as to like, did ATIP leave? Did it stop? Did it continue? And all of that. A couple of other interesting things in that article that some people noticed, and some didn’t really pay attention to is the acquisition of materials, mysterious metal alloys in the article. Later, we learned not metal alloys, but what now are being called Metamaterials, and I’ll have more to say about that in a moment. But it was significant that you get this admission. You know, for years and years those of us who talked about the reality of this that, the Pentagon was interested, the military, the United States intelligence community was interested, and they get laughed at; you conspiracy cranks and so forth and suddenly, here is our redemption. The New York Times is saying uh-huh, and theirs is significant. They downplayed it a lot, of course, indicating well, they don’t really seem to do it anymore, and they brought in the requisite statements from skeptics like James Oberg; utterly irrelevant statements, but they brought them in, anyway. I think really is psychological filler if nothing else just so that you don’t get too excited about this, but there you have it.

Then the other article that they put out that day was the one that dealt with the Tic Tac UFO incident in 2004 featuring Commander David Fravor of the United States Navy and his F/A-18 Super Hornet.

Now, that was a case that actually had been discussed in the previous decade, but not really widely. The site above top secret had a thread on it from 2007 actually, but it really didn’t go anywhere, and it went somewhere now, and I would say at this point that’s probably the best non-military UFO case of recent times. So, The New York Times revelation and then Washington Post follow-up didn’t stop there, 2018 was a big year in terms of a drip of disclosure, let’s just call it that for now.

May 2018: George Knapp reports on details of Anomalous Aerial Vehicles (AAVs) studied by AATIP

This is a piece that was featured by George Knapp of KLAS in Las Vegas, many of you know George. He revealed that this is a paper written by Bigelow’s… Robert Bigelow was the contractor to the AATIP program, this is a paper relating to the UFO encounters that were being studied under the AATIP program specifically focused on the tic-tac UFO incident of 2004, and it was released… and some of the language in here is really quite interesting.  Here they’re not using the phrase UFO they’re using the phrase AAV Anomalous Aerial Vehicle, it’s the phrase that they’re using here. Very interesting, when this came out at the time, you have a lot of people who really cannot see the forest for the trees, and they’re focusing on all the wrong things. Like, “This could not have been a military document it’s not written in the proper military format” well, no, it wasn’t, it was written by a contractor; it was written for them.

Nonetheless, it was contracted for ATIP and the characteristics that they’re describing of these objects, this object, in particular, was no known aircraft or air vehicle currently in the inventory of the United States or any foreign nation exhibited advanced low observable characteristics at multiple radar bands rendering U.S radar-based engagement capabilities ineffective. Basically, they’re saying, “This thing was way far beyond our capabilities, and we did not know how to deal with it.” Of course, what we remember in The New York Times piece from a few months earlier is that, the speeds of this so-called tic-tac UFO were measured at really being quite extraordinary. Fravor did a couple of interviews at that time, he did one on Fox with Tucker Carlson early on, and he said,

“Look, you know, we had perfect visibility, we had crystal clear visibility of ten miles, we had a practical visibility of 50 miles that day; this thing was gone out of vision in two seconds. So, if you take a conservative estimate of that 10 miles visibility you’re still talking, I think it was something like 9000 miles per hour. In fact, we’ve learned later, and I’ll come up to this, but I’ll state here, one of the radar operators of the USS Princeton on that occasion in 2004 was named Kevin Day, and he spoke about the radar tracking that he was getting at that time of this object from an altitude of 28,000 feet down to sea level in 0. 78 seconds, that’s a speed of 24 or so thousand miles per hour over a 30-plus thousand kilometers per hour stopping on a dime at the ocean surface, you tell me what can do that.”

So, you’ve got multiple witnesses with multiple types of data acquisition making this observation. So anyway, George Knapp puts this out in May of 2018 very interesting.

June 2018: Hal Puthoff describes metamaterial properties

A month later, one of the most interesting lectures of the last decade on this subject was given by Dr. Hal Puthoff at the Society of scientific exploration (SSE) at their annual meeting on June 8th, just a little over one year ago. This video is on Vimeo; it costs US$5 to watch. I would strongly recommend; throw down the money and watch it and take careful notes it’s worth your time. He’s talking about an artifact that originally was sent in the 1990s to Art Bell, allegedly from a UFO crash retrieval. So, there’s no provenance to this, we don’t really know what this is, but we’ve known about it since the 90s at the least. Art bell is a radio guy what’s he going to do with it? He gives it to Linda Moulton Howe, to see if she can find people to research it. Linda Moulton Howe finds Dr. Hal Puthoff, among others, and Puthoff in his laboratory studies this in great detail along with Eric Davis, whose name will also come up in this lecture.

According to his results here, and he goes into great detail, this is a piece of bismuth and magnesium, primarily. Ultra-fine layers, the width of a human hair or less bonded in a way that he said, “We don’t really know how to do bonding of this type of material” he said, “The crazy thing is, not only did we not know who could have made this because we had no conception of how this could have been manufactured, but we didn’t know what it was for, we didn’t know what it could do.” But he said, “Well, time goes on, years go by” he said, “In the last two or three years we’ve actually figured a few things out,” and his conclusion (and again, there’s much more detail to be heard on this) is that, this piece serves as what he calls an outstanding waveguide for high-frequency electromagnetic radiation terahertz range. What does that mean? I had to look all this up because I’m not a physicist either. What he meant by waveguide, of course, is something that guides a wave like a canal guides the waves of water into a particular direction.

What he seemed to be saying is that this material itself takes electromagnetic radiation that is light, essentially, or just below light, I believe, and converts it. What he was basically saying is, it seems to have converted it to an antigravityc type of effect.

That’s what he was saying, again go to the lecture he’ll explain it much better than I can.

It’s an interesting takeaway, though, because you know, for years and years, people have been looking into this; how do you achieve an antigravityc effect? I don’t know too many people who are really looking carefully at the material science of the actual craft themselves, but at least that’s what it appears to me.

December 2018: Jack Sarfatti discusses the physics of the tic tac UFO

By the way, there’s a very interesting follow-up lecture by Dr. Jack Sarfatti from last December of 2018, where he talks about the physics of the tic-tac UFO and I very much recommend you listen to it. It’s only 30 minutes long, listen to it slowly stop, pause a lot, and take notes because he talks about a lot of the same principles here that Puthoff is talking about here.

There’s much more that Puthoff said in this lecture, one of the interesting things was he announced his participation in Robert Bigelow’s subcontracting of the ATF, so Puthoff himself was part of the AATIP program.

He talked about how this was the first time in June of 2018 that he was allowed to say some of the things that he did without going to jail. So, I asked him not long ago well, who gave you the green light by the way? And he didn’t give me an answer. He gave me a non-answer, in my opinion, but someone did, right? Someone did.

January 2019: “The future of technology” described in 38 scientific papers commissioned by AATIP/Bigelow

Now, in Putfoff’s lecture that’s on Vimeo, he’s got a very clever humorous way of putting things; one of the things he did for Bigelow as part of this subcontract was to acquire his or actually put out a request for white papers or scientific papers on a variety of futuristic scientific areas.

So, he requested papers from leading experts in a variety of fields on where they believed their discipline would be, I think circa 2050 or is it 2040? 2050 and he said, “What I didn’t tell them was that this was for a UFO project that was funded by the Pentagon. That was the one thing I didn’t tell them, but I did tell them that we were interested in their analysis of their field where it would be in the future.” Said, “This is one good way for us to get a gauge on the actual science of some of these craft that we believe are doing what they’re doing.” That’s a very clever thing to do, right? So, we did, and he got 38 papers back, and these are some of the papers.

In January of 2019, Steven Aftergood of the American Federation of Science was able through his freedom for Information Act requests to get a formal response from the Defense Intelligence Agency of the U.S. of the titles of these papers. Aftergood really did not understand what he was getting. You know, his attitude is off, “Government is wasting its money on these ridiculous Star Wars-Harry Potter types of fantasy papers.” No, it’s completely missing the point. It’s totally missing the point. These are serious papers; in fact, they are listed on a server, U.S. defense server called, “The J WICS,” that’s the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System. In theory, you can get these papers and you can read them. I asked Puthoff, how can I get these easily? He said, “Well, probably you should just write to the authors.” Like okay, well, I will do that. I have read only one of them, I’ve read his, which is his paper on Space-time metric engineering. Space-time metric engineering there is one of the titles. Some of the other titles; Warp-drive, Negative mass propulsion, Traversable wormholes, and stargates, Programmable matter, Invisibility cloaking, Anti-gravity for aerospace applications, Extra dimensions, Dark energy, and so on.

So, this is really fascinating stuff, Puthoff actually told me that as far as he has been made to understand these 38 papers are the most popular papers on the J WICS server by far. He said they’re considered the pivot of future tech as far as he knows. So, they’re being taken very seriously indeed, but this all came about as a result of the AATIP program, and I’m talking about them here… I think it’s significant because this is something that has come out just recently in the last year, and so much information has been coming out that we almost get jaded by it, like we just kind of forget how significant this was. If this came out five years ago, we would be grabbing on to it, but there’s so much more that we almost forget.

April 2019, The Navy updates its guidelines for reporting UAPs

Shortly after the announcement that the DIA had these papers, we get another news article from April of 2019; that the United States Navy has updated its guidelines on UAP reporting an investigation on unknown or unidentified aerial phenomena. So, it’s interesting because when The New York Times piece came out previously, that wasn’t an official statement from the United States military that they were studying UFOs that was simply The New York Times reporting it according to their sources.

So here you actually have the United States Navy saying, “Well yes, actually we have encountered objects that we don’t know what they are, they have exceptional performance capabilities, and we are updating our guidelines on this.” This is one statement from the article, “The previous unreported move is in response to a series of sightings of unknown highly advanced aircraft intruding on Navy strike groups and other sensitive military formations and facilities.” It’s kind of bureaucratic sounding, but you can get the idea, it’s very interesting. This is a very interesting article there’s a lot of admissions that came out of the United States Navy at that particular time,

May 2019, New York Post: The Pentagon officially acknowledges the AATIP program

And it didn’t stop there; within a month the New York Post… You know, it’s really funny the New York Post is just known for tabloid sensation reporting. I am from New York City and I grew up with the Post and you know, those massively big headlines. But the New York Post actually did some very serious work on this case. I think a lot of us knew beforehand that the post was doing some work on UFOs and myself included I very much underestimated the quality of what they were working on. They came out with this article on May 22nd of this year; just, what, two months ago? Getting an admission from the official Pentagon’s spokesperson that, the AATIP program did pursue research and investigation into UFOs or they say UAP. It’s significant again because, as I said earlier that the Pentagon had not made an official admission.

May 2019, The New York Times: Navy encounters UFOs for 9 months in the East Coast in 2014-15

So now you have an official admission that the ATIP program was about researching UAP; and then you get just days after that, almost as if this is a concerted effort coordinated from somewhere, another New York Times piece. This is actually a really good article May 26, 2019 by the same three authors as who authored the previous New York Times pieces. Talking about, not the tic-tac UFO encounter of 2004 but a series of encounters concerning the USS Roosevelt off the U.S. eastern coast of Virginia primarily, in 2014 and 2015 pretty recently, and this is one of the pilots. I’ll just read a little bit of the beginning here.

“The strange objects, one of them like a spinning top moving against the wind, appeared almost daily from the summer of 2014 until March of 2015, high in the skies over the East Coast. Navy pilots reported to their superiors that the object had no visible engine or infrared exhaust plumes that they could reach 30,000 feet and at hypersonic speeds.” 

Hypersonic speed would be roughly 5,000 miles per hour say, 8,000 kilometers per hour or something like that. “These things would be out there all day,” said Lt. Ryan Graves, who was pictured in the photograph just a moment ago. He’s one of the pilots of the top Navy aircraft, the F/A-18 super hornets. They’re amazing aircrafts, and he just points out at the bottom of this page. It says, “Keeping an aircraft in the air for that long a period of time requires a lot of energy,” and he said, “Look, with the speeds that we saw maybe one hour is the most you can get, but we saw these for 12 hours and more, actually.”

So, the basic fundamentals of this particular article from May 26, these objects are seen in 2014/2015 almost daily for nine months roughly speaking, while they were on training maneuvers. So that’s what? 270 days or so, roughly, so that’s a lot of sightings, apparently. Hypersonic speeds, so unbelievably fast speeds beyond jet fighter speeds that we know about anyway, and then, of course, beyond the speeds, is the ability to accelerate instantly. That was observed apparently, by these Navy pilots stopping maneuvering and so forth all at an incredible level of performance, nothing that we have. Yeah, one of the most interesting probably dramatic revelation of this particular article was a near collision. So,

You had two super hornets flying in tandem I think about 30 meters apart or so, about a 100 Ft. and an object flies between them, and it was observed briefly by one of the pilots as cube-shaped with a sphere of some sort in it. So, what is that?

There is an interesting article by a military writer Tyler Rogoway who, speculated that it was actually something that we constructed, but I think even he realized it was a bit of a stretch. But the problem with it is that when you’re doing these types of maneuvers to these pilots on training, it’s very dangerous. So we don’t have any answers here, but of course, that’s just one of the encounters. A lot of these objects did not look like a cube with a sphere inside, and I respect his work a lot, actually, but I don’t think that this is a logical answer in this particular case.

May 2019, YouTube posts video, The Nimitz Encounters (featuring Kevin Day)

One of the things that they point out is that a lot of these incidents where videotaped, video recorded, I should say, and then on the same day as The New York Times article, this YouTube channel appears called “The Nimitz Encounters.” If you read the description, it’s put up by the people involved in the encounter, apparently.

That on the top is Kevin Day; he was the radar operator of the USS Princeton during the Tic Tac UFO incident of 2004. Below is petty officer Gary Voorhis, also of the USS Princeton. So, these are tic-tac UFO guys from 2004, and they are both fascinating to listen to, and there are many other witnesses here. This is a computer-generated recreation obviously of the tic-tac UFO just above the water. In case you haven’t heard this case, I’m sure most of you have, but it’s really a very interesting encounter. For an extended period, several weeks actually, this is where Kevin Day actually has a lot to say.

These Navy personnel doing maneuvers off the coast of California were observing unknowns whatever these things were, unknown aerial objects, in the sky, is in the vicinity of where they were doing their maneuvers. And keep in mind 2004, we’re just a year or two into the war in Iraq and early on in the US war in Afghanistan. So, the US military was on a very serious war footing at this time. So, you have objects doing something up there, maneuvering, Kevin Day has a lot to say about this and… So, on the day that Fravor and another pilot are out there doing maneuvers, they are vectored in because there is another object that was captured or that was not captured excuse me, captured on radar and detected. So, they go to… They’re vectored in to go to a particular point, and Fravor sees visually this frothing on the water, and he gets closer, he circles around. He goes down, and it starts circling, you know, counterclockwise, I think. He’s circling, and it’s 180 degrees opposite of him as it rises up to meet him; it’s very aggressive, and then it just shoots off and at the speeds that I was discussing with you earlier. So that’s a recreation of this object about roughly estimated to be about 40-45 feet, so what is that? 10-15 meters, 15 meters maybe. Anyway, so that came out the same day that The New York Times article came out, so a coordinated effort.

May 2019, Op Ed Pieces: “UFOs exist, and everyone needs to adjust to that fact.” 

The next day you get these op-ed pieces, The Washington Post; really, within the United States, without a doubt, the worst reporters on the UFO subject that we have had over the last 20 years no one has been worse than the Wa-Po. They have an op-ed piece stating, “UFOs exist, and everyone needs to adjust to that fact.” I almost fell off my chair when I saw that.

The Washington Post, wow! What you obviously see is this is how the American media is, it’s very tightly coordinated. I mean, look at the next piece of news, “Ok UFOs exist now we need to start considering aliens.” So, there’s coordination here. I don’t think this is just all these people individually choosing this. To me, it looks like a rollout, I can’t prove that, but that’s what it looks like to me, and the other thing I just would say here is, it’s nice to see these types of statements in the mainstream news, but we’ve got to be very careful. Washington Post, New York Times, at least politically… I don’t consider them particularly trustworthy; they are the organ that gave us weapons of mass destruction, let’s not forget and a lot of other lies over the years in conjunction with the national security apparatus with which they have cooperated intimately, for our entire lifetimes and beyond, I would say.


May 2019, History Channel airs Unidentified, Inside America’s UFO Investigation

So, you have to wonder, what’s going on here? Why? How? I have some theories, and I don’t know that I’m right on them; and then when in days of that, the rollout of this television show Unidentified. All of this happened within a week’s time; it’s really amazing. So, it’s also maybe not so amazing; maybe it’s coordinated.

So, this show comes out there’s; Tom DeLonge on the bottom there, on the bottom left, is Luis Elizondo, Christopher Mellon, Steve Justice of Lockheed’s Skunk Works all part of the TTSA organization, and this is their show. You know, Tracy and I have watched all the episodes, I’ve looked at these episodes very carefully. So, there’re people saying they love the show, there’re people saying they hate the show. There’re people who are amazed at the revelations that this show has made. In effect, there are amazing things that have come out here, absolutely; and then there are people who are saying that this show engages in unwarranted fearmongering.

My own take on it is that the tenor of the show is not radically different from the first two volumes of history that I wrote of UFOs in the national security state, not radically different at all. What I did I tried to focus on military encounters with UFOs, particularly by the US military, why? Not that I think that they’re better than civilian sightings, I guess I don’t, intrinsically, but they’re interesting to me because; A) In theory, military is responsible to the people because we pay for them from our tax dollars so they’re part of the government and you would think that there would be some level of responsibility there. B) there’s paper trail, sometimes. C) there’re elements connected with national security.

So, my logic back then, looking at those encounters as well as if the military is interested in this, that’s important, and to me, that’s exactly their attitude here. So, you know, one of the things that they stated, for example on the USS Princeton in 2004 was, how after the tic-tac encounter occurred, these unknown guys helicoptered onto the Princeton and took all the radar data and all the other data that had to do with this encounter. No one knew who they were, and that’s several years before the ATIP program supposedly existed. So, if you’re wondering, all right, so what’s this investigation? You know, if we’re told that the military really doesn’t care about these encounters and why would that data be taken? Obviously, someone cared a lot about it and continues to. So, where is this headed? For a long time, I’ve talked about this rebranding of UFOs going on, I think that’s right. Somehow, someone has decided, we need to change the way we’ve talked about UFOs publicly. 

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