Are we seeing a “controlled insider disclosure?” Is this an attempt to create a sanitized version of UFOs (without cover-ups, ETs, or abductions)?

Richard Dolan speculates that this sanitized version may serve the interests of a defense contractor. It represents a “rebranding” of UFOs as something “new” without a history.

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Richard Dolan. (2019). The New Face of Disclosure Copenhagen 2019. Transcribed from talk at the Denmark UFO Congress.

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We [with Bryce Zabel] ended up writing a book (A.D. AFTER DISCLOSURE: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact, 2012) in two editions, and in addition to having my little paradox—It’s impossible but it’s inevitable—I had a lot of other things to say. Essentially, we were saying you know, there’s no secret that can last forever. Secrets do end and so the question we asked is, “How might this secret end? When will it end?” We tried to do our best to act like a think-tank and not to engage in a lot of crazy speculations, but we really tried to look at society, at politics, at science, academia, and the rest and did our best to figure it out.


A controlled insider disclosure?

Editorial Note:

No one knows what is going on, but Dolan’s leading thesis seems to be this:

There may be some infighting among defense contractors (who essentially hold most of the power) where some argue for a safe disclosure wherein it that provides an economic and competitive advantage for them to some faction to promote a safe form of disclosure.

The disclosure process seems to be attempting to rebrand UFOs as “something without a history” —– something without the crash retrievals, alien abductions, and other unpalatable aspects.

At the end of the day, it will be difficult to control this narrative.  There are too many questions to answer. Also, the media landscape is too fragmented a media landscape.

Dolan asks: How close are we to “the avalanche” of disclosure?  “How much toothpaste has to go out of the tube before it’s too much?”

So where is this headed? For a long time, I’ve talked about this rebranding of UFOs is going on. I think that’s right, somehow someone has decided we need to switch the way; we need to change the way we talk about UFOs publicly. it’s been very successful; it’s been very successful.

Hilary Clinton and John Podesta

Is it related to Hillary Clinton’s very ham-fisted manner of referring to UAP when she was on the Jimmy Kimmel show, three years ago? Probably, she does it… You know, Jimmy Kimmel is an American talk show comedian type of guy and she goes on after Barack Obama and her husband Bill Clinton had been on. And Jimmy Kimmel asked them about UFOs and they give these humorous Ha-ha type of answers.

Hillary, in 2016 when she was running for president said, “Well Jimmy, we actually call them UAP” and she almost, but not quite but almost mispronounced the word phenomena when she gave her answer and you have to ask yourself, “What’s that all about?” like that’s not an accident, this is Jimmy Kimmel just exercising his own natural curiosity, I think we doubt that.

I had a long conversation with an LA producer who knows all these TV shows he’s like, “Look we did a show with Hilary years and years ago and two weeks before she came on her people were in contact with us on the set, determining the kind of questions that were to be asked.” That’s how that works so none of this is by accident. You don’t just ask a former president, or a sitting president, or a first lady, or a Secretary of State off-the-cuff questions like that on national, micromanaged television in America, it doesn’t happen. So it was planned.

Podesta recognized that the UFO subject was no longer quite the third rail of politics that it would have been.

Now, my theory at the time was her manager John Podesta, was interested in UFOs we all know that. I never, have never, would never, believed that Hillary Clinton would be a disclosure president. I argued very strongly against this, my friend Stephen Bassett was totally arguing that she would be, I never believe that still don’t. But I did believe that Podesta, being a very shrewd political operator, recognized that the UFO subject was no longer quite the third rail of politics that it would have been. Even eight years earlier, when it completely decimated Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich when it came out that he had witnessed the UFO — they destroyed him in 2008. A lot changed, and I think Podesta realized, “No, you can you can actually get a few votes if you’ve got the mainstream media in your pocket, which they did and if you handle it “just right” which they did, they did a good job. 

The Robert Bigelow & To The Stars Faction

The rebranding of UFOs. We can call it disclosure without the history.

Anyway, we have been seeing since then some kind of what I believe is a faction, I think the TTSA people are a faction. Who have their reasons may be altruistic, probably selfish, for wanting to promote a disclosure narrative. Let me just go through my notes here and I’m just going to talk a little bit off the cuff here. The rebranding of UFOs we can call it disclosure without the history. You know, they’ve got this idea there’re these UAPs we’re just discovering this now. The way they talk you know, you get this idea that, “Well, yeah we’re encountering these things in the 21st century we don’t know what they are.” You hear Elizondo say this all the time you’ hear Christopher Mellon say this all the time. Clearly they have some ideas, and they’re walking a very careful line. All right, so let’s take the possibility that they’re a faction, I call them Bigelow’s Club, they’re really Robert Bigelow’s buddies you know, and I’m going to talk about the Wilson leak in a moment. You have Eric Davis and you even have Dr. Kate Green and there’s a number of these other people who’ve all been associated with Robert Bigelow for a long time. In my view they have all been trying, for many years to work their way into the center of that labyrinth of classified information on this subject. They’ve had their connections with mainstream media, some of them. My understanding is that James Sandman of the CIA has had very good connections with the Washington Post. Of course, he could, if you are a high-level CIA you’re going to have great connections with the Washington Post, but that has helped with media management.

So they’ve had their own ability and my understanding, and I am not yet going to mention who I’m getting this understanding from, but I’ve had a very good understanding from someone who made it very clear to me that

There are elements within the Pentagon that absolutely hate these guys [at To the Stars Academy]. And that, absolutely want to destroy them and will stop at close to nothing to prevent this from going any further. So you’ve got a bit of a war going on, and I don’t find that hard to believe at all. So, I think what we’re seeing is that these guys are very carefully, cautiously, rebranding UFOs into UAP into something a little more palatable without the whole history of crash retrievals, or alien abductions, or [other far out stuff]… they’re going very mainstream. You’ve got a very hostile scientific community globally that thinks this is all ridiculous, you’ve got utterly indifferent global media that could care less about this.

So they’ve to figure out a way, to move this forward with the allies that they have, and I think personally that is what they have been doing.

Not likely CIA

All right, and I’ll just say there are… It’s very likely by the time this, if this goes out to YouTube or anywhere else, events are moving very fast so this could be utterly irrelevant by the time this makes it out there. There are individuals who’ve maintained very strongly that this is all a CIA operation. And indeed, I mean on TTSA there’s a lot of individuals who are former CIA or maybe you could argue current CIA employees. It’s true that they’re a rife with intelligence community operatives. To my knowledge it is not true to state that Luis Elizondo was CIA, as has been done. There is no evidence that I have found at all that he’s ever been employed by the CIA, doesn’t mean he’s never worked with them I don’t know, it’s possible but he’s not a CIA employee. So it’s sloppy to label him as such in my view. Same with Christopher Mellon, powerful guy Mellon family high-level defense yes but CIA, I’m sure he’s work with them, doesn’t mean that he’s CIA.

But let’s say more broadly, that this could be an intelligence operation, sure; so let’s look at that. The problem that I have with these types of analyses is very simple: they’re going first to their perceived motivations of these individuals before they actually discuss the content that is being released, and in my view, that’s going exactly backwards. It is content first, always first and then you understand the context of what is being said, you cannot understand the context if you don’t know what the information is.

Accurate, relevant information

And so what I see is a lot of accurate, relevant, information, being released by these people and as long as they are doing that, I will support that. If they start putting out information that I think is untrue or lies, relating primarily to the phenomenon, then I would absolutely call that out. Now, if they’re lying about their background, as has been claimed that’s significant but it is less significant than the content and it’s also not clear that they are doing that. So, before people start waving their hands running in circles and saying this is a CIA op, I would say let’s actually line up our evidence and find out how and how this is a CIA op and what exactly is their agenda?

Not a false flag alien invasion scare

The only agenda that I’ve been able to hear from people that this is an OP, is that it’s some kind of false flag alien invasion to scare the people to death op. To make you run to the arms of the government for protection, and I find that very, very unpersuasive. Not that I don’t believe governments do shenanigans like that, yes they do, but I don’t see it here. I’ve never seen it here and someone really better bring their best case forward if they’re going to convince me.

Is private industry running the show?

Now, one thing that I want to know is, who is enabling these guys to do what they’re doing? To walk through this very treacherous tight rope that they’re going over, and that I don’t know. I’ve tried to ask… I have asked, I’ve tried to get answers and haven’t gotten an answer, I’ve gotten non-answers; so, something’s going on. Now,

One really interesting theory to keep in mind, I think it is very worth your consideration, is to take this out of the hands of government and to look at private industry. So by that… You know, Lockheed Martin and her Boeing or Martin Marietta, General Dynamics, or General Electric or General Motors or any one of these other major defense contractors; because the thing is, as I have learned, the real power is there, the real money is there, the real scientific research and development capabilities is there, the real engineering is there, the real brilliant individuals are in private industry, and they’re the ones with the high-level security clearances much more than in the CIA or the Pentagon.

That’s an important thing to take away here, once a lot of these high-level government officials leave the CIA, they go into private industry and get better and more security clearances. That they were not able to get within the intelligence community and the reason is, because it’s private industry where the action is.

It could absolutely very well be in the interest of a company to push a disclosure narrative.

So if we think about that, let’s think about maneuvering here. Let’s pretend for a moment, that there is such a thing as UFO crash retrievals.  I happen to believe that’s true. Let’s assume moreover, that there’s been detailed scientific analysis done covertly on this technology, which again, I personally believe. I’ll have more to say about that when I talk about the Wilson leak in a moment. So let’s say that’s true, just… right, stay with me here. So, if that’s so, you have some companies that are in on the secret and others that are less in on the secret. So you have some companies that have an unfair competitive advantage, you have other companies that want to get in on that gravy train, sure they do, there’s a lot of money there. So there’s always going to be behind the scenes maneuvering, by groups on this issue, and it could absolutely very well be in the interest of a company to push a disclosure narrative for that reason alone.

To get that technology available to them, as well. One individual I spoke to years ago on the same who knows this very well from the inside said to me, “Look, you said you want to know the truth; every five years, there’s this high-level analysis on whether we should tell the public on this or not,” and he said, “I participated in one such study, I was in a legal subgroup.” He’s not even a lawyer I don’t know how that happened, but he said, “We realized like one thing we were terrified of (or they were terrified of) were class-action lawsuit by defense contractors, if a disclosure event happened.” Seems so prosaic but it actually makes a lot of sense, unfair trade practices and the like. So anyway, I’m just suggesting to keep in mind the possibility that the drivers behind this could very well be private money. Some people have said well maybe it’s Robert Bigelow, maybe he wants a bigger piece of the special access programs and all that. I don’t know, but it’s something that I really wonder, I’m not going to lie about that.

The narrative will be difficult to control

When you’re seeing a lot of the news come out in the mainstream on this, shocking amount of news the question is, are they trying to tame or create a safe form of disclosure? It seems that there’s a real possibility there, although the last few statements from some of the TTSAs guys including Tom DeLonge’s tweets, which I don’t have on here but they’re quite amazing actually. Seem to be going further and further into acknowledging multi-million-dollar, hundreds of million dollar of special access programs on UFOs beyond ATIP. But

It seems that there’s a chance to roll out a safe or sanitized form of disclosure, that’s a possibility but I think it’s very difficult to do that and I don’t think that that will succeed ever. I think this subject is… this phenomenon, it’s not just a subject; is too wild and too uncontrollable. I believe we’re going to get to some very hard questions.

You know, I talked earlier about “the purge” that is going on in YouTube and Google in general, Facebook, and all of that is true of course, but that’s not the end of the story. So there’s one possibility that we’re moving to a future in which all of our digital information is… I shouldn’t say all, in which the critical digital information is very carefully managed and controlled, that’s a possibility. The other possibility is that, that attempt will fail; for example, will there be viable competitors to YouTube that spring up in the near future because too many people get turned off by that platform? Well, I would imagine yes. Will there be viable competitors to Facebook for the same reason, shadow banning and the like? I would say probably yes. So, we have to allow for the real difficulty of keeping this subject contained, I think it’s very difficult.

Can the establishment truly dominate the narrative if they are rolling out this disclosure narrative? I think it would be very difficult or anyone who’s trying to control the narrative really. There’s a lot of questions that will come up. You know, when we did after disclosure ten years ago Bryce and I really asked about these things. For me the big question is, if you make an acknowledgement that UFOs are real, then wouldn’t it be the case that people would say, “Oh my god, so how have you been lying to us all this time? How have you managed this secret and kept it from us?” That would be a very significant question and you know, there’s always a danger of the torches and pitchforks crap coming up and… Like this upcoming race onto Area 51. What is that up to now, 3 million/4 million people have signed up for ‘Naruto running’? Is that what that is? I didn’t know what Naruto running was, my kids knew it but I didn’t know it. But there would be a lot of difficult questions to have to answer to this, and I don’t know if they’re answerable. But they would be very difficult, and they would make any disclosure process a very unpleasant thing, and frankly something that… You know, as I was thinking of this a decade ago, I thought

Even if any US president were to say, “Yes, UFOs are real, aliens are here” that still wouldn’t settle the arguments that would probably deepen the cultural wars that we’re seeing, that would deepen the ideological divides, because people would be arguing over the nature of these other beings, without a doubt.
How close to the avalanche?

How much more will it take for an avalanche to occur? This is always what I wonder. How much toothpaste has to go out of the tube, before it’s too much? And I wonder. So, how many admissions, how much deeper and further can these admissions go before people actually have a moment where they recognize the Emperor is wearing no clothes as it were. You know, where we have to look at this big picture, and I don’t know but I definitely believe we are far closer to that Avalanche than we were a little over two years ago, to my astonishment.

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