The single most common onboard experience inside a UFO is a physical examination

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What can we learn about the medical expertise of non-human intelligence (NHI)?

Since abductions became publicized in the 1960s and 19 70s, they have become one of the primary focuses of UFO research. Most UFO researchers recognize UFO abductions as valid events. The nature of the event, however, remains debated. Today words such as “abductee” and “contactee” have been rejected by many researchers in favor of the less-charged word, “experiencer.”

Whether against their will or not, people are being taken inside UFOs, subjected to various procedures, and then released. There are many (thousands) of recorded cases, but statistical studies such as the Roper Poll indicate that on board UFO experiences likely number in the millions.

A study of 270 cases found that that the single most common onboard experience is physical examination.

Researcher Thomas Bullard was among the first to outline the UFO contact experience and break it down into its common elements. In his study of 270 cases he found that that the single most common onboard experience is physical examination. The implication of this discovery is that the single greatest alien agenda is to learn about the human physical body. For whatever reason, ETs seem to be extremely interested in the human form.

Although there are many procedures performed upon humans aboard UFOs, the central and most consistent feature to all UFOs abduction’s does appear to be the physical examination.

In case after case, details are the same: people reported being paralyzed as they are addressed in place on an examination table. Samples of skin, hair, nails, blood and reproductive material are often taken. The examination may involve lights and or various instruments that are placed on or near the body in some cases, people report pain caused by needles or devices that are placed in virtually every orifice in the human body.

The aliens have a deep, almost obsessive, interest in the human body.

Other controversial reports are those of female abductees who experience what has come to be known as the “missing fetus syndrome,” cases in which pregnant women have had their fetus this taking during gynecological procedure inside a UFO. With the aid of hypnosis, the witnesses open recall that the babies were removed from the uterus by the ETs. Males reporting having their sperm taken.

All of these cases have taught us many things. One fact, however, has become crystal-clear. The aliens have a deep, almost obsessive, interest in the human body. Betraying the obsession is the fact that the vast majority of activities can point to a scar or mark on the body given to them by the ETs. As one studies the accounts, a very strong medical theme becomes increasingly apparent.

But what does this mean? One conclusion is obvious. Since the aliens are so interested in the human body, since they have studied extensively for many years, they must know a great deal about how the human body works. Given that their technology appears to be far in advance of our own, it’s likely that they know more about the human body that we do! With their advance technology and the extensive knowledge of human physiology, the conclusion is inescapable: aliens make good doctors.

But is this really true? Are their medical skills and knowledge superior to our own?

All we really know about aliens is what people who have encountered them tell us. And in many cases, the abductee is impressed by how closely the room resembles a hospital room. In the exam room, everything is clean and spotless. The examinations are typically brief, lasting about fifteen minutes. Abductees reported that the aliens do the jobs with efficiency and speed.

15 Cases Illustrating the Medical Expertise of Non-Human Intelligence

It is not difficult to find cases that illustrate the medical expertise of the ETs/NHI. Let’s examine 15 of them.


One early UFO abduction case to receive widespread publicity occurred in 1953 in Tujunga, California. The story was told in The Tujunga Canyon Contacts (by Druffel and Rogo) and involves multiple abductions and, of course, the standard medical examination. During Sara Shaw’s exam, one of the aliens became interested in the scars on her body. “They’re looking at my long surgery,” Sara explains. “My scar from my lung surgery—that’s scar fascinates them—take him over to look at the scar too. They seem fascinated by that…”

Sara actually use medical terms to describe the room: “They’re taking me to an examining table. It’s like an X-ray table.”

Sara was told she was being examined. “They said—an electronic beam? Some kind of equipment to examining me. That I don’t have to be afraid of it, and it isn’t going to hurt me.”


Sammy Desmond, and abductee from Reseda, California describes the inside of the UFO into which he was taken. “It was a small room, all white, light colored and round, “he says. “There was a table in the middle, and they were wall lights and things all over. The only thing I remember in the room beside the table was a huge, white, bright light in my face… it was a hospital-type skinny table.”

Desmond describes his abductors clothing using familiar medical terminology. “They had white jacket sorts of outfits, sort of like hospital uniforms.”


Examinations aboard UFOs are remarkably similar to exams in the doctor’s office. Abductee Barbara X describe her exam: “They took a skin scraping… they look at my bad leg… they said, ‘you had an accident’ and I say ‘Yes’ They say, ‘you had your female organs removed.  I said, ‘Yes’ …they clip my fingernails and a piece of my hair. They took a blood sample.”


The ET’s are very thorough in their exams. Abductee Tom X says, “I am inside some sort of room like area, on a table and dress, nude, I don’t like these at all… They touch me with instruments. And they were cool, hard, probably metallic. They were prodding and probing and poking. Something was inserted in my penis, and I was distinctly unpleasant, not painful.”


Well known Massachusetts abductee, Betty Anderson Luca has experienced many examinations at the hands of aliens. Needles have been inserted into her abdomen, her nose, her eyes and more. As she describes one incident, “they’re holding some needles by my head, and I just feel some things moving in there… They’re putting something sharp in my heel, so it feels like they’re shooting something inside me.”


Bob Luca (Betty’s husband, also another abductee) describes the room he was taking to in familiar terms. “Looks like an operating table,” he says. “Loose like a dentist drill. It’s folded up into the ceiling and there is a black thing on the end of it. I can really draw it. But it looks like a dentist drill. The arm comes out.”


The earliest publicized UFO abduction account in the United States—the case of Betty and Barney Hill of 1961—also displays a prominent medical theme. Barney Hill describes the room he was thinking to abort a UFO. “I saw a hospital room,” he says. “He was pale blue, sky blue… It was spotless. I thought of everything being so clean.”

Betty Hills account is also filled with medical terms. “… The examiner opens my eyes, and looks at them with a light, and he opens my mouth, and he looks in my throat and my teeth, and he looked in my ears, and he turned my head, and he looked in this ear… They take a couple of strands of my hair… They look at my feet and they look at my hands, they look at my hands all over… And he cut off a piece of my fingernail.”

Where is examination also involved an apparent pregnancy test using technology that was in advance of our own, but not for long. The ET examining Betty pierced her abdomen with a large needle. “I ask the leader, ‘why did they put the needle in my naval?’ And he said it was a pregnancy test. I said, “I don’t know what they expected, but there was no pregnancy test here.”

In 1961 there were no pregnancy test performed in this manner. Today we have many medical procedures using laparoscopic, which is perform in a matter remarkable similar to what Betty reported.


Budd Hopkins has done a great service to humanity by helping to bring the subject of UFO abduction under public scrutiny. One of the abductees featured in Hopkins’ book, Missing Time, is Michael Bershad, whose account appears under the pseudonym of Stephen Kilburn. Bershad’s examination involved the opening and probing of his back.  “It’s the one doctor’s office I didn’t have to wait to get into, I guess,” Burchard joked.

Following his abduction, Bershad consulted with a professional neurosurgeon named Dr. Cooper, and explain how the aliens had stimulated certain nerves, causing certain reactions. Dr. Cooper was impressed. “He [Bershad] exactly describe the motor reaction that happens when the femoral nerve is stimulated. And he has no particular knowledge of the nervous system… I’m really impressed with him. I told him that it seems to me they just wanted to find out how he worked.”


Dr. David Jacobs Ph.D. has described the alien examination as being very similar to examinations done by humans. “Scabs, infections, or other body marks and changes attract the attention,” he writes. “For instance, a woman who had given birth by cesarean action had new scars that drew the attention of the aliens who told her that this was not the way they did it.”

Jacobs has investigated many cases involving highly technological medical equipment currently beyond on our own capabilities. “The variety of machine examinations is great” she writes, “although the exact purpose of the machines is unknown.” Most of abductees think they are recording devices, much like X-ray equipment. Somehow people know that the machines are scanning them, ‘taking pictures,’ or making neurological measurements.”

Karen Morgan’s case was investigated by Jacobs. She reports her unpleasant examination in her own words: “I hate this room. There’re tables… This room seems more like an operating room than any of the others… I think they’re going to do that physical examination again. Oh, they take off my clothes… they turn me around and lay me down. They pull off my jeans, my underwear. They strap me onto a table.”


When Travis Walton (I woodcutter from Arizona) was abducted into a UFO in 1975, he looked around the room and instantly assumed he was inside a hospital. “They brought me into a hospital, I thought,” says Walton. “I would let the doctors do all the worrying. I was safe for now… Maybe I was in an emergency room of some kind.” Walton only realized that the hospital was actually the inside of a UFO when grey aliens entered the room.

“Walton now he speculates that the ET’s may have been saving his life.”


Walton is not the only person to assume they were taking to a hospital. On June 2011, a nurse for Naples, Florida experienced a UFO abduction from her bedroom. She didn’t want to talk about it because it scared her, and she insisted upon anonymity, but felt that it was important to report what happened. “I went to sleep around 10 p.m.,” She says. “I regain consciousness in what seemed like a hospital room. The first thing I noticed was I was laying back down on what appeared to be a hospital bed. Immediately I assumed I am in a hospital. As I realize there were no way I could be in a hospital, I began to look around.”

The witness soon realize she was a board a UFO. She experienced a prolonged and complicated abduction and woke up in the morning with a scar on her food. “I still have the physical marking left over what they did, even to this day.”


The alien’s interest in medicine is once again illustrated by the following case. Noah (pseudonym) is at C6 quadriplegic, bound to his wheelchair in his Colorado Springs, Colorado home. On the evening of July 15, 2011, he woke to notice an odd “hieroglyphic like” symbol on his right hip. Hot to the touch, it appeared almost branded into his skin. Over the next three weeks it scabbed over and began to heal.

It was a strange symbol, with one vertical line on the left side, three horizontal stacked lines in the center, three dots in a vertical line on the right, and straight markings below it. “And first my aide mentioned it,” says Noah, “and I figured it was nothing until I saw it in a mirror. It was jokingly unnatural, and I felt a deep conviction it was made by intelligent design.”

Noah wracked his brain. What could have caused this symbol on his sleep to suddenly appear? There was nothing in his environment that could have done it. And yet there it was.

“All of a sudden in the shower it hit me,” says Noah. “The dream from the previous night. I remember being in a bright room or area, feeling very calm and not scared. This was induced and I was artificially numb to what I was in countering. An entity proceeded to ask me questions about my spinal cord injury… I was I asked specifically about my hands, fingers and arms. Why were they as such? What was done to try and fix me? Why was one side stronger? I answered without hesitation.”

What happens next Noah couldn’t explain. “I was very psychologically level,” says Noah. “Then I felt pain, looked at my right hand. All fingers where is straight and spread. This isn’t possible without lengthy splinting. Next my left hand and fingers did the same thing. This hurt, but it was good to see all the same. The entities seem not to understand why I remain paralyzed, and I got the impression they were very surprised/upset/confused as to what I can only guess they perceived to be primitive medical technology. This is all I remember from the dream… But had I not seen the mark on my skin I would never have recalled anything.”


Yet another case that indicates the ETs’ interest in medicine was reported by UFO researcher Tina Choate of the international UFO research Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. A woman and her husband were driving in the area (date not given) when they saw a large craft with a ring of blue lights around the circumference. Convinced they were seeing something unusual, they pull off the road to observe. Their next memory was waking up to find themselves 20 miles further along the road. Later, the woman, who was a nurse, decided to try regressive hypnosis to recover her memories of the missing time. Under hypnosis she recalled that both she and her husband were taking on board the craft. The ETs (not described) told the nurse that they had abducted her because she had a basic understanding of the human body, and they wanted her to interface with them and learn about biochemistry and healing applications.


In 1986, I investigated and abduction case in which the witness Kelly Robinson of Reseda, California was taking involuntarily into a UFO, put on a table, examine—her arm was cut— and she was then told by the gray-type ETs that they were going to operate on her brain. “They try to do something to my brain” she says, “and I was fighting them all the way”. Subsequently, Kelly had three follow up encounters in which she was giving precognitive information about her personal life, her work and her church. “I think there a religious,” she says. “They’re not really out to hurt us. They’re out to learn.”

Kelly had a series of four or five encounters. After her final encounter, Kelly’s mother, Diane had a dream during which she was taken into a weird round room. “The room was a strange”, says Diane. “It was like nothing I ever seen before. It was not walls like we know. The walls were kind of rounded. It was different, not like a regular room. It was sort of blue, like a pastel.”

In the center was a strange device, holding babies. Says Diane, “There was this round cylinder type thing that turned around and around. There were all these babies in little compartments, like enclosures. It was sort of like… A Christmas tree. It was narrow at the top and came down—and all these little compartments… and these babies— there was something wrong with every one of them.”

Diane explained that while the babies seem healthy, they were different. She saw one baby with a huge head and a small body. Another baby appeared to have two heads. She’s saw conjoined twins.

Standing next to the device was a red haired, human looking woman in a strange uniform. “She was in a white coat, like you will see a doctor,” explains Diane. “She didn’t look like a nurse because she had white thighs pants on and shoes. And she was really neat looking.  Explains Diane. “She didn’t look like a nurse because she had white lights band on and shoes. And she was really neat looking. Everything was spotless everything, like it was germ free environment. Everything was spotless.”

Everything was spotless everything, like it was germ free environment. Everything was spotless.”  Explains Diane. “She didn’t look like a nurse because she had white lights band on and shoes. And she was really neat looking. Everything was spotless—everything, like it was germ-free environment. Everything was spotless.”

The lady told Diane that “it wasn’t planned this way,” but that the babies “still need love.” She encouraged I am to hold the babies; which Diane refused to do.


Many abductees are so conscious of the medical capabilities of the aliens that they actually called them doctors. Shane Kurz, and abductee from New York State described what she saw inside a UFO: “there is a table. Everything is so white… Those eyes, they are telling me, lie down. They’re taking my arm and scratching it. It hurts. And he is putting it on wax paper or something. It is a square-like and he gives it to the doctor. The doctor—I like him.”

The aliens have shown themselves to be outstanding pilots, superb hypnotist and excellent scientists. In the field of medicine, however, the extraterrestrials are unparalleled. The medical technologies and procedures are far in advance of our own. The knowledge of the human body is also way beyond our own.

Despite all the controversy surrounding UFOs, there is one thing that many UFO investigators agree upon: UFOs represent a superior technology. UFOs have demonstrated time and again that their machines are more powerful than our own. Their craft easily outdistance our fastest jets. They remove people from cars, dense suburbs, hotels and apartment buildings. They subject people to examinations and operations whose purposes we can only guess at. In addition, they often leave people with little or no conscious memory of what has happened to them.

This is evidenced not only by the reporters from thousands of people who have been examined aboard UFOs, but from many accounts of healings.

Most people have little physical evidence of their encounter, except perhaps a scar. Some, however, are giving more dramatic proof of alien intervention. Often the proof amazes even experienced UFO investigators.

Because of this, accounts of UFO healings have been largely hidden from public view. However, these cases clearly show that aliens have the capability to cure virtually every illness or disease known to humankind. Although the cases are not usually well publicized, aliens have been actively curing people across the planet for at least hundreds of years, perhaps longer. 

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