Is this the “perfect” case to refute skeptics? Six abductees had MRIs, X-rays, doctor reports, and photographs of UFO-related medical injuries

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Michael J. Evans & Preston Dennett. (2007). The Coronado Island UFO Incident.

As an investigator, I (Preston) am always on the lookout for the so-called “perfect case.” The perfect case would involve multiple witnesses of unimpeachable integrity corroborated by multiple forms of conclusive physical evidence. It would be the kind of case that would hold up in a court of law and convince any skeptic of the reality of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth. Such a case does not exist, at least not in the public arena.

However, some cases come close, and the case of Mike Evans is one of them. His case is the kind of case all investigators dream about. It is comparable to finding a hidden jewel in a mountain of rubbish. Evans grew up in southern California. At age nineteen, he joined the Navy and trained as a medic. He then returned to Los Angeles and earned a degree in psychology and anthropology. He then changed careers and went to school again to become a registered nurse. Today he works in a medical center outside of Los Angeles. He is married and has two stepchildren.

He first approached me in 1999 after hearing my lecture. He revealed that he was a UFO abductee and

told me a somewhat familiar story of being taken onboard a craft by praying mantis-like ETs, where he was probed and examined and released. It was a story I had heard a hundred times before, with of course minor variations. But as he continued, I realized his story was different from the others.

First of all, he not only had conscious memories of encounters, he had undergone hypnosis on seven separate occasions, and had uncovered a large volume of previously repressed material. Few of the people I had interviewed had explored their encounters so extensively.

While most encounters involve only one or two witnesses, this one involved six. Then came the medical evidence.

The second reason Evans’ case stood out from the rest was the large number of witnesses. While he had a lifelong history of encounters, one particular incident on March 14, 1994, provided a particularly large amount of corroborative evidence. I call this event the Coronado Encounter, and I consider it to be an excellent case.

On March 14, 1994, Mike Evans and his wife were visited by extraterrestrials in their hotel room in Coronado, just south of San Diego, California. On this very same night, several of Evans’ friends who were staying in adjacent rooms in the same hotel also experienced an encounter. While most encounters of this type involve only one or two witnesses, this one involved six, most of whom also reported a lifelong history of encounters.

Evans was able to provide MRIs, x-rays, official doctor reports and color photographs of the UFO-related medical injuries.
Then came the medical evidence. All the primary witnesses suffered a wide variety of physiological effects as a result of their encounters including nose bleeds, needle marks, puncture wounds, flulike symptoms, high-blood pressure attacks, bizarre infections and more. These were all backed up by an equally impressive array of diagnoses from medical professionals. Evans was able to provide MRIs, x-rays, official doctor reports and color photographs of the UFO-related medical injuries. As the icing on the cake, one of the witnesses underwent surgery to have an apparent extraterrestrial implant removed by Dr. Roger Leir DPM. The evidence in this case was unbelievably impressive.

At this point, I of course realized the importance of this case. None of the cases I have researched had this many witness with so much supportive evidence. It looked like I had finally stumbled across the perfect case. I was able to interview all the witnesses extensively and put together a complete scenario of the events of March 14, 1992.

The Encounter

Each of the witnesses has varying conscious recall of the Coronado encounter. Four of the witnesses later underwent hypnotic regression with hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith to retrieve any suppressed memories. Their hypnotically retrieved accounts corroborate their own conscious recall and each other’s testimonies in remarkable detail. In order to keep the evidence uncontaminated, the witnesses were instructed not to discuss their own cases with any of the other witnesses.


Mike Evans consciously recalled being woken up in the middle of the night by a bright light shining in through his hotel room window. He assumed it was a plane and got up to shut the blinds. His next memory was waking up in the morning to find a spot of blood on his pillow. He assumed that he had struck his lip on the sink, although his lip was fine. His left ear, however, had an unexplained puncture wound and was bleeding. Evans also reported feeling mild flu-like symptoms. His wife, Gina, verified the spot of blood on the pillow. Gina, herself, had no memories of anything unusual.

Evans recalled that the room filled with a misty-white light and several gray-type ETs with large heads, grayish skin and pointy chins, floated through the wall and surrounded his bed.

Under hypnosis, a more complete scenario emerged. Evans recalled that the room filled with a misty-white light and several gray-type ETs with large heads, grayish skin and pointy chins, floated through the wall and surrounded his bed. Like many witnesses, he was most impressed by their eyes. “I was just kind of looking at their eyes, very large, and they didn’t blink or anything like that. They just stared at you. It was like a black pit. They didn’t have irises. They were just black orbs.”

He was unable to move or cry out as they took a long metallic instrument and placed it in his ear. A few moments later, the figures left the room the same way they arrived, and the light disappeared.


Then I remember seeing something coming towards me, like an alien coming towards me, a figure coming towards me. And whatever it is, it puts its hand on my shoulder.

Meanwhile, the adjacent room was occupied by Evans’ friends, Nancy Stahler (pseudonym) and Laurie Angelone. Stahler consciously recalled having a very restless night. She remembered waking up shortly after going to sleep because a bright light filled the room. She was unable to open her eyes and only recalled having a nightmare during which she was being chased. When she woke up in the morning, she found that her bedspread was rolled up and placed lengthwise across her bed over her neck, tucked under the mattress so tightly she was at first unable to rise. The blanket had not been like that when she went to sleep. She also suffered from severe flu-like symptoms including fever, nausea, dehydration, glassy-eyes, headache and a general feeling of unwellness. She later discovered a small scoop-like scar on her leg which she believes appeared following the incident.

Under hypnosis, few new details emerged. “I see the light. I see the flash of light. And then I remember seeing something coming towards me, like an alien coming towards me, a figure coming towards me. And whatever it is, it puts its hand on my shoulder…and [then] I get real severe pains in my head, and Yvonne had to take me out of hypnosis.”


Laurie Angelone, on the other hand, is what UFO investigators call a conscious abductee. Where most people suffer from a profound amnesia of extensive UFO encounters, a small percentage are able to recall their experiences without hypnosis. Angelone belongs to this group and has had a lifetime of traumatic ET visitations. This particular incident was no different.

Several short gray-type aliens with pointy chins entered into the room through the wall.

She recalled waking up when a bright light filled the room. Stahler was whining and crying. Several short gray-type aliens with pointy chins entered into the room through the wall. Says Angelone, “They had no clothes that I could see and the room was lit up like daylight. They were pale gray. They had a fairly large torso…Their arms and legs were really stick-like. They had huge heads, huge round almond-shaped eyes.”

Angelone jumped off the bed and wrapped her arms around Stahler and pulled her off the bed, wrapping her arms. The ETs then pointed at her and levitated her off Stahler and back into bed, where she was temporarily paralyzed. At that point, Stahler was transported out of the room via a bright beam of light. The room then became dark. Angelone heard other noises, including a loud buzzing hum and the sound of Mike Evans screaming in terror in the adjacent room. Unable to move, she waited for a few moments until the room again blazed with light and Stahler was returned. Both fell immediately asleep.

Angelone later underwent hypnosis but no significant new details emerged. The next morning, she was so traumatized that she refused to discuss the incident with anyone.


In the next room Phil Baxter (pseudonym) slept with his wife. At first, neither of them recalled anything unusual about the night, other than he didn’t sleep well. However, the next morning, Baxter reported a bizarre but powerful feeling of dissociation. He wanted nothing to do with anything and refused to attend the conference. This was totally out of character for him. Then in the weeks that followed, he had began having brief but vivid flashbacks of the night in question. He had a strange recollection that somebody had entered his room. He also remembered hearing a strange buzzing noise and the high-pitched sound of a man screaming in terror.

He watched as a bright beam of light enveloped his wife and she promptly disappeared.

When he later heard that his friends had experienced an encounter on that evening, he agreed to undergo hypnosis. In his regression, he recalled waking up to find a foggy white light filling the room. Several gray-type ETs with pointy chins entered the room. “They were short…maybe three and a half-feet at best. Grayish-blue in color. Big eyes…They were very spindly, real thin, long arms. I didn’t really notice any clothing or garments.”

One held a long “black rod” and placed the tip of it on his temple. Baxter was unable to move. He watched as a bright beam of light enveloped his wife and she promptly disappeared. At this point, the room became dark. He heard a loud buzzing noise and the sound of a man screaming. Then the room again filled with light. Baxter saw his wife being lowered back onto her bed via a beam of light. Suddenly the room went dark and Baxter fell asleep. The encounter was over.

The Medical Evidence

Each of the witnesses has experienced varying degrees of physiological reactions as a result of the Coronado encounter and other previous or later encounters.


Following the Coronado encounter, Evans initially experienced mild flu-like symptoms and an apparent puncture wound in his ear. About two weeks later, he suffered a dangerous high-blood pressure attack and was rushed to the hospital.

Then, in the six months following the Coronado encounter, Evans experienced a half-dozen ET visitations in his home in Simi Valley, California. On each occasion, he woke up with large bruises and needle marks on the inside aspect of his arm. Often, he would also experience flu-like symptoms, including a fever reaching as high as 104 degrees. Evans took photos of the marks.

Says Evans of one incident, “My arm looked like it had been run over by a truck. [The marks] were raised and swollen and terrible looking… They were large black and blue areas, and the main one had like a triangle in it, with needle-points at each point of the triangle.” It was these unexplained wounds which eventually led Evans to seek hypnosis.

After hypnosis uncovered a lifetime of encounters, Evans went for further medical testing. He first tried x-rays which showed nothing unusual. Then he went for an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging.) To his incredible shock, the scans showed that Evans had three apparent “foreign bodies” lodged in his brain, and several others in his legs. In fact, the ones in his legs were readily apparent. One day Evans noticed them – a half-dozen pea-like objects lodged just beneath the skin on his left leg.

Says Evans, “I have all these things in my legs that seem to be a product of them, because nobody can explain them. I have things in my head – things which nobody seems to be able to explain, which I can’t get rid of without major brain surgery. So just forget that….I’ve had maybe three thousand dollar’s  worth of pictures. And they can’t explain any of it…they told me that they don’t know what it is. And they are the techs – they look at all the MRIs that come through. I’ve had doctors and radiologists tell me that they don’t know what it is…I had an MRI of the left ear, and that’s the one that shows anomalies…I have one around my left ear. One around the pituitary, sitting on top of the limbic system. And the other one is in the occipital, which is responsible for your vision. The objects in my leg – they could feel them. You can feel all these round things in my leg. They are round and they seem to be moving back and forth…I have these scoop marks….I started looking at my scoop marks and feeling…you can feel these things in there, moving around. There are at least seven. They are about the size of a pea – a small pea. They are along the ridge of the tibia.”

As can be seen, Evans’ medical symptoms cannot be faked. He still has possession of the medical tests, and the apparent implants remain lodged in his body. They result of his testing represent hard evidence pointing towards the reality of extraterrestrial intervention. And while Evans case is perhaps the strongest, all of the other witnesses have also experienced traumatic physiological effects as a result of their encounters.


Witness Laurie Angelone suffered no ill effects from the Coronado encounter, but her other encounters are a different story. She carries a red triangular mark on her hand which she received following an encounter. The mark was examined by a doctor and was determined to actually fluoresce. She also has returned from her encounters with deep scratches, and on at least one occasion, was hospitalized when she suffered anaphylactic shock, which she attributes to the trauma of her abductions.


Phil Baxter didn’t suffer physically from the Coronado encounter, but like the other witnesses, he has also been hospitalized following another earlier encounter. Says Baxter, “I became very ill. I thought I was going to die. I was out of work for like five or six weeks. I had an infection of my prostate. I had ear infections….I had to be rushed to the hospital twice within that period….I had an infection just about everywhere you can imagine. And I had gone to a couple of different specialists and they didn’t understand how I had gotten an infection in my groin.”


Finally, there is Nancy Stahler. Following the Coronado encounter, she woke up with severe flu-like symptoms. Says Stahler, “I wasn’t feeling well at all. I was feeling real hot, like very dehydrated. Really hot, and a terrible headache, almost like glassy-eyed.” A few weeks after the encounter, she also noticed a scoop-like scar on her leg which she believes appeared on that night. Knowing that the scar meant there could be a possible implant, Stahler went to be examined by a doctor. X-rays were positive for a “small radio-opaque ball” lodged in her tissues. By a series of coincidences, she underwent surgery to have the object removed by Dr. Roger Leir DPM.

The object removed from Stahler showed numerous highly unusual properties, and are apparently identical to objects removed from other patients. Several of the implants emit an electromagnetic field. Others fluoresce when placed under ultraviolet light. Metallurgical tests on some revealed as many as eleven different elements in a ratio normally found only in meteorites. Furthermore, none of the patients experienced a foreign body reaction or inflammatory response, which is normally present in cases involving foreign bodies. The full story is told in Leir’s groundbreaking book, The Alien’s and the Scalpel.


Does the Coronado case represent the smoking-gun proof that has eluded civilian investigators for more than fifty years? I think it does. Firstly, there are multiple independent witnesses who corroborate each other’s accounts consciously and under hypnosis.

Their testimonies alone provide highly compelling evidence. However, as any UFO investigator will tell you, medical evidence can make or break a case. And as we have seen, the witnesses to the Coronado case present an impressive amount of effects. The medical evidence speaks for itself and rules out the usual mundane explanations invariably offered by skeptics, including hoaxes, hallucinations, misperceptions, governmental mind-control or false memory syndrome. Clearly something has impacted the lives of the witnesses. And while the extraterrestrial theory is not without its problems, it accounts for the evidence better than other theories. If not extraterrestrials, then what?

While this case is not perfect, it would be highly unscientific to dismiss the evidence without an objective assessment of this and other cases like it. One case alone may not provide enough compelling evidence to overcome the skepticism of mainstream science. However, this case does not stand alone. Many other investigators have uncovered similar cases involving large numbers of witnesses and considerable physical evidence. The evidence today is truly mountainous. Clearly the time for skepticism is over. We must now face the reality of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth and prepare Humanity for the upcoming changes this presence implies.

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